Hull City up for sale says Tigers Egyptian owner Assem Allam, whilst appealing name change verdict

Hull City owner Assem Allam has put the football club up for sale, whilst reiterating his desire to change the name to Hull Tigers.

The Egyptian businessman called a press conference to “clear the air” in which he said he will continue with the name change or sell the club whichever was to occur first. Allam went onto say he will remain “fully committed to the football club” whilst the process is ongoing.

Following on from the FA’s decision to reject proposals to rename the club to Hull Tigers last season, the owners have now gone to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in a bid to appeal the verdict. The club’s campaign last season was plagued with off the field issues and it again looks likely to happen this season with an outcome which could take several months.

He went onto say he felt let down by the football authorities with the outcome of the name change but remains “reasonably confident” of winning the appeal.

Dr Allam did admit his preference was not to sell the club but to continue as the owner but only if he succeeds in changing the name to Hull Tigers. Trying to justify the change he said the club had sponsor for the shirt lined up but as soon as the FA rejected the name change said company withdrew their offer, with the club accepting a new contract albeit £1 million a year less.

When fielding questions from the press he conceded there was interest from potential buyers in the football club but wanted to make sure the “club is moving to a good home”.

Published on September 11 2014 for KingFut.


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